Reefer is the the top independently owned Cold Store in Kwazulu-Natal. 

Situated near the port (which is the biggest natural port in South Africa), with easy access to the major freeways, storing at Reefer ensures that you will quickly be able to transport to whichever major city you need to, in and outside of South Africa.

Reefer has 2 warehouses on a 25 000m2 site. With 24 receiving and despatching bays with dock-levellers there is no congestion of containers and trucks which leads to us being able to achieve the fastest turnaround times on your product, whether it's coming in or going out.

Across out 2 warehouses we are able to cater for products ranging from frozen meat, vegetables and chips; to chilled product and even ambient like fruit, vegetables and dairy.



You can confidently rely on Reefer to handle your products with care and maintain confidentiality.


Our team is of solid character and will act consistently at all times to maintain integrity and honesty in our business.


Reefer strives to add value to your business and is always thinking outside of the box to try and grow with our clients.