What we do

Premium storage facilities coupled with excellent service.

Reefer is a multi-temperature storage facility (5 degrees to -35 degrees) as well as ambient storage. This enables us to handle frozen goods for import and export as well as chilled and ambient products and citrus. 

  • Bespoke services to meet your needs

  • Members of Global Cold Chain Alliance

  • Woolworths Food Safety and Quality approved

  • Labelling

  • Plug-ins

  • Sorting

  • 24-hour security

  • State of the art camera recording equipment

  • Monitoring of every area of the plant

  • Access control

    Space for over-night parking

    • 3 ammonia plants

    • Standby compressors

    • Standby condensers

    • Standby generator

    • Temperature monitoring

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Questions and Answers

    Is Reefer a bonded store?

    Yes, Reefer's bond store number is DBN OS03460. This means we can store your product safely and when you are ready to pay your duties and release it, we can then despatch it for you.

    Does Reefer only store frozen product?

    No, Reefer has a chiller area where chilled product can be stored at 2 to 5 degrees. We also store frozen product.

    Does Reefer arrange vet inspections?

    Yes, Reefer arranges inspections by the state vet daily. Any containers received by 2pm will be booked for inspection the following day, except Saturdays which are booked for Tuesday inspection. We also arrange inspections with NRCS and Port Health where applicable.

    Is Reefer open 24/7?

    Reefer's operating hours are Mon to Fri 7:30 to 16:15 and Saturday 7:30-11:30. Due to Reefer having 24 loading bays and huge yard space we are able to accept containers anytime but they will just wait for unpacking during office hours.

    Does Reefer offer plug-in services?

    Yes, Reefer has a number of bays with plug in option so if you need your container plugged in overnight just let our warehouse managers know.

    Does Reefer offer transport?

    Reefer has great relationships with a number of transporters and can put you in touch for the best rates or even assist with managing your transport on your behalf.